Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Friday, September 27, 2013

USA Here we come-Are!!!!!


To some of our family that is a foreign name! To some it means food! To others it means we are away from "home." While we all are not the same we are grateful that God has made us a family. I want to aopolgize now for not being "on top" of things to inform everyone that we were on our way.
I was a bit overwhelmed with trying to pack and prepare for 9 of us this time to head to "Merica" as my teens call it!!!! Over all the flights were good without anyone getting sick, which is my biggest worry! The little kids were very good and slept well when we wanted them to. Thank you to all who prayed us through this trip.

It was difficult to say goodbye to our friends and family in Kenya.  We knew we would be back in 5 short months.  I wanted to share some of the highlights so far on our travels back to the states.  Also some surprises as well.  We were not in the country 24 hours when Hannah ran out on a bike path and was hit head on by a speeding biker.  She was so sweet about the whole thing and said, " It wasn't his fault, I ran out in front of him." "I'm just glad it wasn't a car. " So were we! We are grateful to God that He protected Hannah from serious injury. She did chip her tooth and have a pretty swollen eye for a couple of weeks. 

From left to right Esther, Hannah, Shadrack,and Ellie on Grandpa's jet ski 
We have enjoyed seeing family and catching up with old friends.  It has been fun watching the kids enjoy seeing new and exciting things! The biggest thrill is the emergency vehicles and helicopters around.  
Lydia and Abby have discovered they love Starbucks coffee thanks to generous people who gave them gift cards!
David fell asleep in the sand so his siblings buried him!
Oh yes he did emerge eventually!!!
It seems that the new discoveries have been drinking fountains, libraries, and parks across the street!
We have been very blessed by Uncle Dale as my kids call him by his generosity of letting us stay in his big house. We all will have great legs when we get back to Kenya from climbing up to the 3rd floor many times during the day.

We want to thank everyone for welcoming us back to the States and for all the lovely meals that have been brought to us.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! We all say when a hot meal appears at the door.

fun times tye dying with  cousins!

If anyone needs to get in touch with us we would love to talk to you while we are on home ministry assignment.
You can call us at 412-626-2297 (Chuck) or 412209-9123 (Amy)

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