Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Friday, October 30, 2015

Give a Gift of Love this Christmas

-Invest in the start up of our sustainable 
Tea Farming Project
To support the daily needs of orphans.

To supply cost for One half acre of tea plants……$250

Help feed our orphans……..
One 45 pound sack of corn (feeds 50 children for one month) $50

One 45 pound sack of rice (lasts one month) $50

Help Clothe our orphans…..

One pair of shoes $10
One school uniform $20

Invest in the education of our orphans
Give a child a year of education

One child’s preschool fees $75

One child’s elementary school fees $125

One Child’s high school fees $500

To Give to any of the above Projects/Needs: please click on "Donate to the Orphan Fund" 

Thank you so much for praying and sharing the love of Our Savior this Christmas season.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Heart Dream Come True

OOOH HOW AWESOME IS SCHOOL!!!!!!               
Two of the cuties that attend school now
David Koech showing the classroom off
 We love Pre-School
5 years ago David and Sarah Koech, directors of Kenduiwa Children’s home asked me to pray about building a school at the Children’s Home.  At that time our thoughts were to build a school that could educate K-8……well that seemed a little daunting to us. As time went on and we continued to see the suffering of the local children in the surrounding area we prayed that we could do something to assist not only the small children at Kenduiwa but also the little ones in the neighborhood. 

Lydia hauling wood for the new school building
When I say a heart dream come true it is.. thanks to a workteam from Massachusetts we were able to take down an old school building and use the wood to make a new (sort of) school.  We even had enough wood to make 2 buildings!!!!

A stuffed but fun classroom
Please pray for these young children. Our mission goal for the school is to have the children know the love of Jesus, know that He watches over them at all times. We are grateful that the children can come "as is" no uniforms or shoes are required at this school.  If you know me and talked to me about school uniforms then you know it is one of my frustrations about living here. So I won't go into my tirade about it now. We are also giving the children morning chai, and a nutritious  lunch.  Most of the neighborhood children wander around seeking food while their mothers are away picking tea or fetching firewood two hours walk away from their home.    We have asked that the parents not pay any school fees, but bring what produce they can to assist us in making meals for the kids. We have emphasized to them that if they don't have they do not have to bring.  We just want the kids to be fed at least one good meal a day. 
 We are so grateful for the teachers that have been awesome in teaching these young ones. Thanks so much to L&B for providing a salary for them.  I meet with them weekly to discuss how the children are doing.  We also have one more teacher who is currently finishing up her social work degree, she will then come and be the head teacher for the school.  We will also be using her skills to assist us with other community needs.  
Our faithful teachers
If you would like to contribute to our orphan scholarship fund which is in great need now, please link to our support page.  

Thank you all so much for your patience with my lack of writing and your faithful prayers for our ministry here.