Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Monday, October 3, 2011

Orphan Update

Our Ellie on the left and C on the right

I wanted to give an update on all the children that we have had in our home recently.  They were certainly a blessing to all of us and we miss them.  Little C on the right is now staying with a good Kenyan family. She is well taken care of and is now gaining some weight and talking more.  Our little Ellie and she are about the same age and played well together.

C's mother is only 14 years old and has had a rough last few weeks. After she willingly gave up her two children, she went back to the home where she was raped. The father of the children threatened her to give him the money she earned from the sale of the children.  He thought she sold the children to the "white people".  He just recently was released from jail for beating up his own parents.  Two weeks after his release he attacked his father again with a panga (machete) to the face! He is back in jail again.  We have offered to assist the mother with training in sewing.  She has refused any help from us.  Please pray  that she would seek the Lord with all her heart. That she would accept assistance for her future.

Caretaker, Claire, Lydia holding baby K. Chep in front

Baby K and Chep both went to separate children's homes about three hours away from Tenwek.  Lydia and Claire took good care of K while he was in our home and they sure miss him.  He is thriving and growing.  We pray that he is placed in a loving family soon.
Chep has had a difficult time adjusting to living in a children's home.  She continues to ask for her mother.  Just today her mother came to our home again.  When I asked her what she needed, she responded by telling me that she was ready to sign the final papers to give her child away.  I could not help but tear up that someone would so easily give their child up.  Please pray for this mother that she would know the Love of Christ.  This was difficult since Chep is about the same age as our Hannah. I can't imagine what this little girl is thinking after four years with her mother, and now she is no longer with her but in a home with many other children.  I pray that Chep would be adopted into a family soon.

Little P
Little P was abandoned in a near by town.  The police brought him to Tenwek during the night.  We often wonder what goes through a mother's mind and heart when they just leave their babies.  This mother wrapped P in all the clothes he had and even packed a little bag for him with a few more blankets.  She then left him by a church.  Often these mothers are going through abuse from the father or even their own family, forcing them to give up their child.  Little P was abandoned a day before the schools opened so we also thought this was a young mother wanting to return to school and not knowing how to care for her child and attend school at the same time.  We were blessed to have him in our home for a few days before he was admitted into a children's home.  Pray that little P would be adopted soon by a loving family.

Please continue to pray for these children and all the children that we are not even made aware of that are abandoned each day due to dire circumstances.