Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Friday, October 30, 2015

Give a Gift of Love this Christmas

-Invest in the start up of our sustainable 
Tea Farming Project
To support the daily needs of orphans.

To supply cost for One half acre of tea plants……$250

Help feed our orphans……..
One 45 pound sack of corn (feeds 50 children for one month) $50

One 45 pound sack of rice (lasts one month) $50

Help Clothe our orphans…..

One pair of shoes $10
One school uniform $20

Invest in the education of our orphans
Give a child a year of education

One child’s preschool fees $75

One child’s elementary school fees $125

One Child’s high school fees $500

To Give to any of the above Projects/Needs: please click on "Donate to the Orphan Fund" 

Thank you so much for praying and sharing the love of Our Savior this Christmas season.