Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Thursday, November 27, 2014


From our family to yours
We are Thankful for all of you.

Our family would like to thank all of you for continuing to love and support us here at Tenwek Hospital. As we are approaching our 11th year here we thank God for his provisions and care for our family.
I wanted to share some highlights of the past 5 months and I am praying that I will keep you all up to date better!!!!!
Daddy returned home after being in the U.S. for 4 long months. The kids begged him for a picnic lunch on top of our land cruiser! you would have thought that they asked for a trip to an amusement park. 
 Thankful for daddy's return and for the little things that make our kids happy!

These three goofy kids are all doing well in school.  
Thankful for a great school for abby and david to attend and for our homeschool co-op here at Tenwek for Lydia and the rest of our bunch.
Hannah's second/third grade class taking a trip to endoscopy and yes they all loved the gory pictures of inside the intestinal tract!!!
 I love teaching science!

The pre-school class on the first day of school! 
Esther, Shadrack, and Elizabeth become United States Citizens!
Thankful for God granting us the privilege of having these three blessings added to our family.
Also for paperwork being finished!!!

Most of all we are Thankful for our Lord Jesus who by His ultimate  sacrifice for our lives.