Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple Machines Can Make a Big Difference

Admiring the new sewing machine
We are grateful for those who have the orphans around Tenwek Hospital on their hearts.  We have been praying about purchasing each of the four homes a sewing machine for clothing repair.  Thanks to a donor, we purchased the first foot operated sewing machine.  This is a blessing for the children and matrons of the orphanage Umoja.  This will save us the cost of always having to take the children's clothing to a tailor to be repaired or purchase a new outfit for school.  

As you can see by the picture below, the children's clothing is in need of some repairs. We have a ministry here at Tenwek Hospital which teaches women how to sew.  That ministry is sharing their skills with the matron at Umoja Children's Home.  The matron will learn how to do simple repairs and eventually make the school uniforms for the children.  

Learning a new skill

Director of Umoja Children's Home takes a try!
We are still in need of 3 more sewing machines and tables for the other orphanages.  If you would like to donate for us to purchase them we know that the homes would be so blessed and grateful.
It is only $300 for each home to have one.  You can donate to the Orphan Project Account and all the donation goes to the purchase of the items.

We are also grateful for all the love and support for our family here in Kenya.