Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bemm Ministry Update

Thank You for Praying
Bad Bad Corn
Bad Bad Bad Corn
First I want to apologize for taking so long for an update.  We do appreciate everyone's prayers and concerns for our orphans here.  There are always so many things that are heavy on my heart.  It is difficult at times to put it all into a BLOG or words.  Just know that everyday we feel your prayers for our orphaned children here in Kenya.  
Thank you all for praying and giving to our severe food issue.  We have now planted cassava, sweet potatoes, and sorghum. In place of maize, due to the fungus that will last for about 3 years in the ground.  Please continue to pray for our orphans as they are still very low on food for everyday needs.  We are praying that the cassava will be enjoyed by the children.  They have never eaten it before and it is harder to cook than maize.  At this I say Ughhhhhhh... when you have 300 hungry children you wonder what the right thing to do is????  Yes the easy answer is FEED THEM. That is much easier said or written than done.  We all know that it takes, prayer, patience, and the right amount of resources to do what is needed.  We have spent much time in prayer asking the Lord for answers in how to care for these special children.  
All these children mean so much to our family, please pray for them as they have so many spiritual and emotional needs.  

Baby "T" 
Mom "M" and baby "T" 

These two special people are miracles from God!  Mom "M" is now 15 and has been an orphan since the age of 7.  Baby "T" is her third child. When her sister called me and said she was in labor, I was worried she had already had two cesarean sections and I was concerned there was a problem. As did the attending OB/GYN on call that night. Abby and I were able to throw on scrubs and quickly attend the emergency cesarean.  When the doctor made the first incision baby "T's" arm was already out of the uterus.  Her uterus was ruptured and usually here when that occurs, the baby usually dies before birth.  
The mother is also in grave danger.  We are just praising the Lord for His miracle in their lives. Mom "M" is also aware that God spared her for a reason.  Would you pray with us that "M" would accept Jesus as her Saviour.  Her faith has been very weak.  Would you also pray with us that we could find "M" and her two children a home with a small garden that she would be able to support herself.  

  Unfortunately "M" has never known stability in her life.  She was raped by a neighbor and beaten repeatedly during her first and second pregnancy.  We placed her in a different home during the third pregnancy to avoid the beatings.  Thankfully we convinced her that "the man" who she thought loved her was no good for her.  He is now in jail for attacking his father with a panga.  

We know many young orphans that feel LOVE from men, and end up pregnant and no place to live or no food to eat.  Kenya does not have a system in place to help those in need.  Pray that we would have wisdom and discernment on how to best assist those in need. 

We are grateful for all of you that pray for and support. If you would like to give to assist with the famine you may donate online by clicking on the link below
 The Tenwek Orphan Fund
or copying the following link into your browser

Please know that all donations made through the WGM website are completely secure.

If you would prefer to send a check, please make checks payable to World Gospel Mission and specify "Tenwek Orphanage Project" in the memo line. All checks may be sent to

World Gospel Mission

P.O. Box 948
Marion, IN

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