Bemm Family

Bemm Family

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yes!! The Bemm Family has a Blog!

From left to right in the back Amy, Abby (14), Chuck holding Esther (13 months), David (13) holding Elizabeth (16 months),  In Front Lydia (11), holding Shadrach (22 months), Hannah (4)
I know you all are as completely surprised as we are!!!  We are trying this blog thing out to try to keep up with those who we care about!  Another thing you all might be thinking at this point is.....weren't the Bemms a family of 6???  Well were WERE a family of 6 now we are a family of 9!  Please pray with us as we go through all the adoption proceedings for Shadrach, Elizabeth, and Esther.  We know that the Lord has placed them in our family at just the right time.  While our house is a little crazy and loud we are enjoying every minute of it.

We can't believe that we have been back in Kenya now for almost 2 years! Our children are so happy that they don't need to wear shoes anywhere! That includes Lydia forgetting to put her shoes on to go to the village! I guess she just fit right in!
To catch everyone up on our children:
Abbynow 14 and in 8th grade, still loves to read, her favorite hobby is to climb trees, very high trees. She and her friend Joel stop talking when I Amy walk by.  They don't know that I hear them shushhhhing each other! They don't want me to see how high they actually are.
Joel, Abby, David, Kayla, Peter 
David, almost 13 and in 8th grade, is growing so fast we think he grows overnight! He is a very active boy.  When he is not doing school work he is playing rugby or football (soccer) or just bothering all his sisters! We love having him around the house to brighten our day with his sense of humor.  We still need to convince him to change messy diapers.

Lydia at the AGC Baby Center doing what she does best!

Lydia, now 11 has more energy than a gazelle! She just recently had her tonsils and adnoids removed.  When the Doctor prayed with her before surgery he asked that she have more energy after the surgery! Chuck and I both simultaneously said "please be careful of what you pray for!" Lydia is our prayer warrior she always remembers the sick kids that Chuck is working with in the hospital. She prays for and frequently gives her things to those who have a need.  We look forward to see what God has planned for  her.

Hannah, now 4 is a gazelle! We her parents are trying to figure out some track program for her. She is such a delight to have around.  We frequently can't find her, she is outside playing with friends and getting into mud or picking loquats and eating them.  We often find treasures in her pockets from outside. She is starting Kindergarten this year and is so excited about it.  She has funny quotes that we all laugh at, such as when Amy had to attend a AGC Baby Center meeting, she said to our friend, " see, I told you we were getting two more babies!" this of course is after we already had the three in our home.  She thinks now every time we go to the Baby Center we are picking up more sisters and brothers for her.
Hannah with a tail!

Shadrach, almost 2 is a busy boy around the house.  We don't know his exact birthdate so we asked David to choose a date in late September! He chose September 20th.  Shadrach came to us as a toddler who had been at the baby center for about a year.  We are not sure of his exact history before he was admitted to the baby center other than he was neglected by his caregiver and had rickets when he arrived.  He is mommy's little helper, he brings me my shoes, and makes sure that we turn the lights out when we leave the room. He makes us laugh when he tries to explain something to us in his jibberish language.  We are working on his speech which is delayed but coming up quickly.

Elizabeth (Ellie), now 17 months old is a riot!!!! She has quite a personality! Again not knowing her exact birthdate we chose March 22, the same birthday as her Auntie Tina.  She was abandoned somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks old so we guessed at her age! When we first met Ellie at the baby center she was a quiet child. We can't say that now! We figure she will be the leader of their gang of 3 and make sure that after they get in trouble she is not held responsible! We are constantly laughing at her facial expressions and funny antics.  She loves to dance and be spoiled by big brother David. 
Ellie at the beach or should we say wearing the beach!

Esther, 13 months is our quiet one!! Although loves to be held at anytime and anywhere! She arrived at the AGC Baby Center day 2 of life, after being found by some school students on their walk to school. Her birthday is June 21st. She is now learning to walk and trying to talk some.  She has the nickname Anne of Green Gables since she cries like she is "in the depths of despair" Everyone loves her fluffy black hair and often it gets pulled by her sister and brother!! We are all waiting for her to finally get back at them for picking on her! Lydia has taught her to do the chicken dance of all things.  It is funny to watch her wiggle when Lydia sings!
Esther with her great smile


  1. I am sooooooo thrilled you guys are blogging! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! It is so nice to hear a little bit about everyone! We love you guys!

  2. Wow this is great!!! it is good to finaly meet the newest members of the Bemm household. It sound like things can get just a bit chaotic at times. I miss you all
    God Bless

  3. Yep, and they look even better in real life. It was good seeing you, Amy and crew, even if only for a little while. Thanks for your help. I shall return in March!

  4. Hello Bemm Family,

    We are so pleased to see this blog. We will be sure to check in often and will continue to pray for you all. We played Blitz the other day - and Toanh and I missed Chucks exclamations of "disaster" every other minute. Blessings to you and all the orphans you have and will continue to help.
    The Popps